Hello there!

Today, I want to take you on a journey through the heart of my artistic expression - a journey that began with my struggle to convey my emotions and found its voice in the fusion of colours on canvas.

I’ve often found myself grappling with the concept of emotions – those complex sensations that colour our experiences. As a young individual navigating the sea of feelings, I sometimes stumbled upon the inability to put these sentiments into words. The frustration of not being able to convey the intensity of my thoughts drove me to find an alternative avenue of expression. And that’s where art stepped in, becoming my sanctuary of release. As a young child, I was always accused of “not being present enough” when adults were speaking to me. Afterall, how could I have been present when daydreaming seemed so much more enjoyable? I was struggling with a lot of things at that age, but whenever I picked up any colourful art medium, time flew by so easily I could spend hours just sitting and creating.


They possess a remarkable ability to encapsulate the nuances of emotions that words often struggle to capture.

In all my paintings, the most common hue I use is violet and all the shades in that spectrum. Historically, purple symbolises heightened intuition and royalty. Because this colour isn’t common in nature, it can also be exotic and mysterious. If we analyse its components – blue and red respectively, we can interpret a whole new meaning for this colour. While blue is commonly regarded as a tranquil and calming hue, its counterpart, red, is usually used to express passion and all of its fiery aspects. Combined, they create purple, a colour that represents the ambivalence of human experience. It’s a colour that I deeply resonate with, as it commands respect in every painting that it’s used in.


With its dreamlike quality, it became my inspiration ever since I could remember. Artists like René Magritte, Frida Kahlo and more contemporarily Zdzisław Beksiński have influenced me with their themes that explore the fragility of human experience. In front of their paintings, I’m reminded that generations of people before me have experienced the same feeling of living in an illusionary world created for us to experience as many events as possible in order to gain wisdom.

Art grants me the freedom to be vulnerable, and understand that after all, our feelings deserve to be known and celebrated. Together, let’s celebrate the fusion of emotions and colours – a union that transcends the limitations of language and invites you to embark on your own introspective journey.


Yours in colour and emotion,